VR with Quest 1?

Based on VR plugin with Oculus Quest 2 it seems Quest 2 is supported with the VR plugin, should Quest 1 also work? The reason I ask is that I’m having trouble with Paraview crashes when enabling the Send to VR button. A message dialog pops up but it stays empty (is there a way to have it print in a console window?).

My setup:

  • Windows 10 laptop, with an RTX3090
  • Steam + SteamVR installed
  • Oculus app installed (verified Oculus Link works with the Blender VR addon)
  • ParaView 5.10.0
  • Quest 1, connected via USB3

Just to confirm the startup sequence:

  1. Start SteamVR
  2. Start Oculus App, enable Link in the headset
  3. Start ParaView, load OpenVR plugin
  4. Click Send to VR

@Tiffany_Chhim @martink

If steam VR is working you should see the headset and controllers show up in the steam VR window (usually in the lower right corner of your screen). So make sure that is the case.

After that another thought is maybe to try a newer executable like this one: https://data.kitware.com/#item/61fc17824acac99f4247aa03 just in case something has been fixed.

I’m not sure about the popup message, depends on who is displaying it, but sometimes starting paraview from a console might help. e.g. open a windows console, cd to where you have PC installed, and then manually run paraview.exe from the command line.

Okay, I managed to get it working. It seems to have been something to do with power-management, as plugging in the power of the laptop apparently resolves the issue (the Quest wasn’t recognized by SteamVR). But it could also be a Heisenbug :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestions!

By the way, what is the status of the VR support? As it seems to have been in development for quite some years, I’m wondering if it is considered ready for daily use, or (on the other end of the scale) more of a tech-demo?

It is ready for daily use and has been for some time, however we lack in documentation and communication around it.