Want to use GUI with Xming on CentOS

I will ask you a question for the first time.

I’m sorry, I’m not good at both ParaView and English.
If I say something strange, please let me know.

I want to use ParaView with GUI on Linux (CentOS).
I want everyone in my group to be able to launch it by simply typing [paraview] from the command line.

So, I started Xming on the Windows side and executed the [paraview] command of the Linux version of ParaView. This ParaView is ‘ParaView-5.9.1-MPI-Linux-Python3.8-64bit.tar.gz’ that can be downloaded from the official website.

However, I get the following error:

qt.qpa.xcb: X server does not support XInput 2
failed to get the current screen resources
libGL error: unable to load driver: swrast_dri.so
libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast

There have been a similar question about Ubuntu. Is there a way to make this possible on CentOS? Scripts created in the Windows version can be executed with [pvbatch]. However, if possible, I would like to operate the GUI directly on the Linux side. The error message says 'libGL', is GPU required? Our calculator doesn't have a GPU.

I would appreciate it if you could answer. Thank you.

Why are you using Xming ?

There is no big reason. The ready-to-use X Window System was Xming. Is there something more appropriate?

Centos already already use Xorg, no reason to use Xming. Just download paraview from here and run it:

Thank you for your answer. I have confirmed that paraview can be simply executed on the CentOS side.

But if possible I would like to use a remote logon client,(We use software called “TeraTerm”) and connect to a Linux server from Windows and use ParaView.
I want to share ParaView installed on CentOS.
I want to eliminate the hassle of downloading ParaView for Windows in each person.

Is it possible to do that?

You will need to use mesa for that, see here:

Keep in mind this is not the optimal way to use ParaView. You can just install ParaView on windows as well, from https://www.paraview.org/download/

Thank you for your polite reply!
I will consider using the Windows version again.