Allow one to rearrange sources in the pipeline browser

Please consider in future ParaView versions allowing the user to rearrange source objects in the pipeline browser. One idea would be to allow the user to click on a source object in the pipeline browser, drag it to the desired position in the pipeline browser, and dropping it at that desired position. Another idea would be to provide an optional input for the user when adding a new source to provide a pipeline position value (e.g., 1 would = the 1st position in the pipeline browser, whereas 7 would = the 7th position in the pipeline browser, etc.). If the user does not provide a position value, then by default the source would be added at the end of the pipeline browser. Thank you for your consideration.

To me, this is the same feature request as this one: Order of objects in pipeline browser

Is it not ?

Oh, you are right. Sorry for the redundant request. I added a like to Venke’s request. Thank you.

closing this then. You can add a comment on the request as well to precise your need there.