Blank screen Paraview

I recently downloaded Paraview version 5.9.1 and when I open an example view, it opens a blank screen with the Paraview logo in the upper left margin and the version number. When I move the mouse over where the menu should be, the corresponding boxes are displayed, but the screen is still blank, without differentiating work areas or anything.
I tried to open the program in compatibility with other versions of windows, or different screen configurations but everything was useless. Could you guide me how to solve the problem?

The program is installed on a laptop with Windows 10 64 bit operating system - Version 1703.
Processor is: Intel(R) Core/TM) i7-2620 CPU @2.70 GHz
RAM 8.0 GB
Integrated graphics card: Intel (R) HD Graphics 3000

Thank in advance,
Regards, Santiago

Possibly the infamous Intel Driver Bug? I am using ParaView 5.8.0 on Windows 10, and my GUI is completely broken, with missing icons! What is happening?

@wascott This bug should not be present in ParaView 5.9.1.

@Santiago could you share a screenshot ? This may still be caused by the intel driver though.

Fabulous! I didn’t know that we worked around it/ fixed it. Great, and thanks for letting me know.

I have Paraview 5.9.1 installed.

This is the imagen of Paraview

I suppoused that the problem is intel driver.
Are there any way that I use a different driver?

I tried running with MESA, but the problem continues.
Can I use a different graphics card driver (e.g. GTForce driver) for the Intel Graphics 3000?

Then this is not related to your graphics driver.

Mathieu, is that correct? If the drivers won’t start an opengl context, you still can’t run mesa?

If OP performed the correct test with mesa and the issue persists, then the issue is not about OpenGL but about something else.