Catalyst live visualization

(Liang Cui) #1

I am trapped at how to make the live visualization with catalyst work? Does anyone know the steps to realize that function?

(Dan Lipsa) #2

Take a look at

(Liang Cui) #3

Hi thanks for the information.
I used the mpiexec -np 2 command to run the live visualization but end with some socket error.

Do you know where I am wrong?

(Dan Lipsa) #4

Can you show the commands you executed and the errors you got. Also, what OS are you using?


(Liang Cui) #5

this is the command: /usr/local/bin/mpiexec -np 2 ./CFullExample2 ./…/SampleScripts/
vtkTCPNetworkAccessManager (0x219cb50): Some error in socket processing.

and the error is ERROR: In …/ParaViewCore/ClientServerCore/Core/vtkTCPNetworkAccessManager.cxx, line 297And I use opensuse.

I am confused what python script I should use. Currently, I use to generate representative dataset and use paraview GUI to generate a new script and replace the with it to run the command again.


(Dan Lipsa) #6

Take a look at the ParaView tests that exercise this functionality:
[~/projects/ParaView/build]$ ctest -R CatalystLive

Test project /home/danlipsa/projects/ParaView/build

Start 1848: pv.CatalystLiveSetBreakpoint

1/4 Test #1848: pv.CatalystLiveSetBreakpoint … Passed 29.40 sec

Start 1849: pvcs.CatalystLiveSetBreakpoint

2/4 Test #1849: pvcs.CatalystLiveSetBreakpoint … Passed 29.10 sec

Start 1850: pv.CatalystLivePause

3/4 Test #1850: pv.CatalystLivePause … Passed 33.21 sec

Start 1851: pvcs.CatalystLivePause

4/4 Test #1851: pvcs.CatalystLivePause … Passed 32.42 sec

You can use ctest -N -V -R CatalystLive

to see the full commands executed.

You’ll need to build ParaView from source and enable tests: BUILD_TESTING should be ON.

In these tests there are two scripts:


This plays the role of the simulation and generates the data.


this is the processing pipeline.

In your case, you need the simulation (which can be a python script as well) and a processing pipeline python script which creates a visualization every step of the simulation.

(Liang Cui) #7

Thanks for these useful information. I found that I set the BUILD_TESING off when I built the Paraview. However, I always come across an error in the make step: CMakeFiles/ParaViewData.dir/build.make:1602: recipe for target ‘ExternalData/Testing/Data/Baseline/pqCoreBasicApp.png-hash-stamp’ failed.

Can you help me out?

(Dan Lipsa) #8

can you do:
VERBOSE=1 make ExternalData/Testing/Data/Baseline/pqCoreBasicApp.png-hash-stamp

maybe this will give you more information on what is going on.

(Liang Cui) #9

Actually, in order to make it faster, I replace make with ninja.

And here is the output:Object

not found at: (“Unsupported protocol”) (“Unsupported protocol”)

Does it have to make sure the ctest catalystlive work?

(Dan Lipsa) #10

That is strange. If I click on any of the links you send I see the baseline it tries to download. Does this work for you?
What cmake version are you using? Maybe that does not support https?

(Liang Cui) #11

cmake version 3.13.0
Is the protocol problem or the cmake problem?

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #12

Likely you are using a CMake not built with SSL support. You can download CMake from and that should fix the problem.

(Liang Cui) #13

What do you mean build cmake with SSL support as I have build cmake from the source package?

(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #14

No, you don’t need to, but whoever built the CMake you are using may not have enabled SSL. Where did you get CMake from?

(Liang Cui) #15

I download the cmake source package from the
How can I enable the SSL support with cmake?

About the In Situ Support category
(Cory Quammen (Kitware)) #16

How can I enable the SSL support with cmake?

That’s a question for the CMake mailing list: Do search the archives first as it has probably been asked in the past.

I recommend downloading and using the CMake binaries from

(Liang Cui) #17

I successfully build paraview with BUILD_TESTING=on. But when I test the catalystlive, it always stops at the second one and no response at all.

Are there any variables I should pay attention to when building the paraview?

(Dan Lipsa) #18

Do you have all these variables on?

Use ctest -N -V -R CatalystLIve

to find out the actual commands executed and then execute the second command to see a better error message.

(Liang Cui) #19

Yes, I set these variables correctly.
Here is the output after I run the command:

UpdateCTestConfiguration from :/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/DartConfiguration.tcl
Parse Config file:/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/DartConfiguration.tcl
Add coverage exclude regular expressions.
Add coverage exclude: vtk[^.]+(Java|Python).cxx
Add coverage exclude: .vtkOpenGLState.
Add coverage exclude: .Testing.Cxx.cxx
Add coverage exclude: .Testing.Cxx.h
Add coverage exclude: .moc_.cxx
Add coverage exclude: .

Add coverage exclude: .

Add coverage exclude: .

Add coverage exclude: .vtkOpenGLPolyDataMapper.
Add coverage exclude: ./VTK/.
Add coverage exclude: vtk[^.]+ClientServer.cxx
Add coverage exclude: vtk[^.]+Python.cxx
Add coverage exclude: ui_[^.]+.h
Add coverage exclude: moc_[^.]+.h
Add coverage exclude: vtkprotobuf
UpdateCTestConfiguration from :/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/DartConfiguration.tcl
Parse Config file:/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/DartConfiguration.tcl
Test project /home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build
Constructing a list of tests
Done constructing a list of tests
Updating test list for fixtures
Added 0 tests to meet fixture requirements

1970: Test command: /home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/smTestDriver “–enable-bt” “–script-ignore-output-errors” “–script” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/pvbatch” “-sym” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/paraview/Applications/ParaView/Testing/XML/CatalystWa” “CatalystWaveletCoprocessing” “222” “–client” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/paraview” “–enable-bt” “-dr” “–test-directory=/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/Testing/Temporary” “–test-script=/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/paraview/Applicatio
ns/ParaView/Testing/XML/CatalystLiveSetBreakpoint.xml” “–test-baseline=/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/ExternalData/Testing/Data/Baseline/CatalystLiveSetBreakpoint.png” “–exit”
Test #1970: pv.CatalystLiveSetBreakpoint

1971: Test command: /home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/smTestDriver “–enable-bt” “–script-np” “5” “–script-ignore-output-errors” “–script” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/pvbatch” “-sym” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/paraview/Applications/ParaView/Test
ing/XML/” “CatalystWaveletCoprocessing” “222” “–server” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/pvserver” “–enable-bt” “–client” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/paraview” “–enable-bt” “-dr” “–test-directory=/home/lcui/Downloads/Para
view/build/Testing/Temporary” “–test-script=/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/paraview/Applications/ParaView/Testing/XML/CatalystLiveSetBreakpoint.xml” “–test-baseline=/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/ExternalData/Testing/Data/Baseline/CatalystLiveSetBreakpoint.png” “–
Test #1971: pvcs.CatalystLiveSetBreakpoint

1972: Test command: /home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/smTestDriver “–enable-bt” “–script-ignore-output-errors” “–script” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/pvbatch” “-sym” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/paraview/Applications/ParaView/Testing/XML/CatalystWa” “CatalystWaveletCoprocessing” “80” “–client” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/paraview” “–enable-bt” “–live=22222” “-dr” “–test-directory=/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/Testing/Temporary” “–test-script=/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/parav
iew/Applications/ParaView/Testing/XML/CatalystLivePause.xml” “–test-baseline=/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/ExternalData/Testing/Data/Baseline/CatalystLivePause.png” “–exit”
Test #1972: pv.CatalystLivePause

1973: Test command: /home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/smTestDriver “–enable-bt” “–script-np” “5” “–script-ignore-output-errors” “–script” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/pvbatch” “-sym” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/paraview/Applications/ParaView/Test
ing/XML/” “CatalystWaveletCoprocessing” “80” “–server” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/pvserver” “–enable-bt” “–client” “/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/bin/paraview” “–enable-bt” “–live=22222” “-dr” “–test-directory=/home/lcui/
Downloads/Paraview/build/Testing/Temporary” “–test-script=/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/paraview/Applications/ParaView/Testing/XML/CatalystLivePause.xml” “–test-baseline=/home/lcui/Downloads/Paraview/build/ExternalData/Testing/Data/Baseline/CatalystLivePause.png” “–ex
Test #1973: pvcs.CatalystLivePause

Total Tests: 4

No errors show. I am new to this and cannot read these output. Can you help me out?

(Utkarsh Ayachit) #20

I am continuing the conversation from About the In Situ Support category in this thread, since it seems related.

First and foremost, what version of ParaView you using? I will try to use the same version and create a simply driver/script for you to use for the test.