CoProcessing plugin not available?

I downloaded ParaView 5.6.2 for MacOSX. I’m trying to follow the instruction from the corresponding Catalyst user manual, namely to load the CoProcessing plugin, however this plugin doesn’t show up in the list when going to Tools > Manage Plugins.

The documentation says “There are two main prerequisites for creating Catalyst Python scripts in the ParaView GUI. The first is that ParaView is built with the Catalyst Script Generator plugin enabled.”
Are the downloadable releases of ParaView built with Catalyst? Or is there an alternate link for versions built with Catalyst (I search the download page unsuccessfully).



Short answer: the plugin does not exist anymore, it is fully integrated with ParaView. Use the menu ‘Catalyst/Define Export’.

There is indeed something wrong with the available guide for version 5.6 (and also for 5.7) . But you can safely use the nightly version of the Catalyst Guide.

@cory.quammen: can we update the available versions ?

Ah thanks! Yes, since the guide for 5.6.0, 5.6.2, and 5.7 had the same info, I thought I was doing something wrong.