How to create the surface of a point cloud object?


I have a point cloud object. I need to save it as a .stl file. But since there is no any surface of the object (there is only point data) I can not create a .stl file. Could you please help me to solve my problem?

ParaView has very limited tools for surface reconstruction from point clouds. You can apply the Delaunay 3D filter to create an unstructured mesh from the points and then extract the surface with the Extract Surface filter, but that works only if your object is convex.

Dear Cory,

I tried this method. But it did not work for my case. Thank you very much.

VTK Examples has some VTK external modules do this, but those operations need to be added to ParaView

How can I calculate the distance between two 3D cloud points and how to view coincidence points between two surfaces.

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