LagrangianParticleTracker example file

Hi, I learnd there is a LagrangianParticleTracker from, so are there some examples files or other materials I can used to learn the using of the LagrangianParticleTracker? Thank you!

Absolutelly, there are multiples tests that shows how to use it.

If you built ParaView yourself with BUILD_TESTING:ON, you can access them.
Take a look into LagrangianParticleTracker tests, you can run them with ctest -R Lagrangian

Take a look here as well :

Thanks for help. I didn’t compile the ParaView, I use the binary type of ParaView downloaded from

I looked up the source codes from github:, want to find some tests case of LagrangianParticleTracker, but I failed.

So could you send me some example files which I can open directly from the ParaView, my email is

Actully, I want to use ParaView to handle the particles pathline which output by the Fluent. %E6%97%A0%E6%A0%87%E9%A2%98
I am not satisfied the results which I have done. I hope I can use the LagrangianParticleTracker to handle it.

Here are the files (see below for correct files)

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Hello Mathieu,

I have tried the files you uploaded but I get a huge error like seen in the attached screenshot. Do you have an idea what the problem could be?

I also tried to reproduce the example with the disk_out_ref data shown in the pictures of the release blog entry in the following link:

Unfortunately, I didn’t get it. Maybe you could add the steps in the description of the link?

Thanks for your reply & best regards

This is a state file, you have to set the path to the files when loading it.

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Sorry, I posted the wrong screenshot of the error. I unzipped the tgz-file and tried on one hand to change the data path in editor and on the other hand with the “search files under specified directory” option, but both possibilities didn’t work. I updated the screenshot above with the correct error. I don’t know why but the data sizes of the seeds.vtp and the surface.vtm are up to 0 kb (with WinZip & 7Zip)… ErrorPV

There must have been some issues with the files I uploaded, here is a new version. (282.9 KB)
lagrangian.pvsm (578.5 KB)

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hi,I am quite new to paraview,I want to do Lagrangian particle tracking using paraview. I have downloaded this dataset, but I can’t find the status file *pvsm,I would be grateful if you could share it again *.pvsm。:grinning:

There is another question, do you have a particle trajectory tracking example that changes over time?:smiley: Thanks for your help!

I will try to upload a new version of the example soon. In any case, unless you are already experienced with ParaView and the streamtracer, I would suggest to stay away for the LPT.

a particle trajectory tracking example that changes over time?

Not supported by the LPT.

I’ve updated the post with a .pvsm.

Thanks for your help!:grinning: