mpiexec of pvserver on hosts that are firewalled off to each other ?

I have a number of GPU hosts (hostA, hostB and hostC) which are only accessible via ssh

The following works

hostA$ ssh hostB ls
hostA$ ssh hostC ls
hostA$ mpiexec -hosts hostA /nfs/path/pvserver

The following does not as only port 22 is opened

hostA$ mpiexec -hosts hostA,hostB,hostC /nfs/path/pvserver

Is there some way to setup an ssh tunnel for mpiexec to communicate ?




Natively in ParaView:

@mwestphal Thank you.

Currently, I am able to connect remotely from my Windows box to a pvserver running on a linux box call LinuxHostA and visualize the data.
[I am currently running pvserver on LinuxHostA only]

ssh -R 8000:localhost:8000 LinuxHostA /home/nyue/systems/Paraview/ParaView-5.9.0-egl-MPI-Linux-Python3.8-64bit/bin/pvserver --reverse-connection --server-port=8000 --client-host=WindowsUserWorkstation

I believe I am making some progress, the Paraview UI indicates parallel/remote rendering

What I am still unable to figure out is how to run the mpiexec on LinuxHostA so that multiple pvserver is launch on e.g. LinuxHostB, LinuxHostC

Using this wiki as a reference, which case should I focus on reading more carefully to formulate the setup run the mpiexec pvserver on the multiple hosts LinuxHostA,LinuxHostB,LinuxHostC with the constraint that the only port number opened is 22 on all the Linux hosts?


This would be case height:

But you can just do it manually.