Paraview not connecting with remote server

Do you have a ssh connection between these machines?

yes it is
Screenshot from 2022-01-26 15-04-33

yes I have ssh connection

Maybe, smth with firewall on your client machine?

Should I disable firewall in my local computer via terminal?

I’m not sure. Is it possible to check that PV is not blocked on your local machine?

And one more point: do you have similar binaries of the same PV versions on the client and on the server (e.g. both with MPI support)? I’m not sure about you need to satisfy this requirement, just a thought.

Could you please also provide some screenshots or other description of the error on the client? Is it possible to connect paraview with pvserver both running inside one machine (both on the client machine or both on the server machine)?

yes, I have basically transferred the same paraview from server to local machine

Have you tried using an IP address for the host?

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Do you mean here?

Yes, here should be a <client_IP>. Thanks for noticing it.

I was meaning here where the host is v100b. However I now see that an IP address was specified subsequently. I suppose that is able to be pinged across the network.

Sorry I’m confused

Do I give IP address of my local computer here?
I tried the following command:
pvserver -rc --client-host= --server-port=11111
( is my computer’s IP)
And got the following output:

Connecting to client (reverse connection requested)...
Connection URL: csrc://

Client paraview says waiting for connection from server but it never gets connected

you are right

You should see “waiting for server to connect”:


Did you choose Reverse Connection in the client settings?

yes I did select reverse connection
Screenshot from 2022-01-27 14-34-44

and yes thats the message I’m getting “Waiting for server to connect”

Ok. I changed the connection direction between my machines (now: client on Linux and server on Win). It also works (connection always takes around 10-15 seconds in my case).
Do you have ssh without password? Do you have any error messages on the client side now?

I think the problem is with my server’s IP. It does not have a public IP and hence it can’t be connected outside my university’s campus. But when I was trying to connect it to a PC on campus, it was giving the same error…I will double check this .
P.S: I have ubuntu 20.04 on both client and server

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