Paraview not connecting with remote server

I was meaning here where the host is v100b. However I now see that an IP address was specified subsequently. I suppose that is able to be pinged across the network.

Sorry I’m confused

Do I give IP address of my local computer here?
I tried the following command:
pvserver -rc --client-host= --server-port=11111
( is my computer’s IP)
And got the following output:

Connecting to client (reverse connection requested)...
Connection URL: csrc://

Client paraview says waiting for connection from server but it never gets connected

you are right

You should see “waiting for server to connect”:


Did you choose Reverse Connection in the client settings?

yes I did select reverse connection
Screenshot from 2022-01-27 14-34-44

and yes thats the message I’m getting “Waiting for server to connect”

Ok. I changed the connection direction between my machines (now: client on Linux and server on Win). It also works (connection always takes around 10-15 seconds in my case).
Do you have ssh without password? Do you have any error messages on the client side now?

I think the problem is with my server’s IP. It does not have a public IP and hence it can’t be connected outside my university’s campus. But when I was trying to connect it to a PC on campus, it was giving the same error…I will double check this .
P.S: I have ubuntu 20.04 on both client and server

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