Reading Fluent HDF5 files in paraview

Could you please help in debugging the error I received when trying to load h5 files exported from Ansys Fluent? I am using version 5.10.1 of ParaView.
I am aware of this thread Reading Data from HDF5 File
and this HDF5 (*.h5) file reading in ParaView
but non of them helped.

Once tried to open the file in ParaView, I get the following reader options, tried Tecplot reader, and Fluent case reader but with no luck. Please see the screenshots below:

Annotation 2023-04-20 091049
Annotation 2023-04-20 091238


@jfausty ?

Hi @EKH,

Thanks for posting!

It looks like support in VTK for the CFF (Common Fluid Format) is relatively new and the push into ParaView is still ongoing (in this MR: I believe there are a couple of fixes that need to be applied to the reader before we can fully merge it.

Are the files you are trying to read into ParaView in the Fluent CFF format?

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Hi Julien,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, the files I am trying to read into ParaView are in the Fluent CFF format. I can’t see FluentCFF reader in the options, which version of ParaView you are referring to? What do you suggest at this stage?



Hi @EKH,

Sorry for the obscure jargon.

The Fluent CFF format is not yet supported in ParaView. The support for reading Fluent CFF files is currently under development and should be available in a close future.

My guess is that it will be available in the upcoming release of ParaView (5.12) or perhaps the one after that (5.13) depending on how fast the development gets merged.

If you want to test the new reader in its experimental state, you can pull the branch found attempting to be merged at this merge request:

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