Streamlines for vtu File

I am trying to apply the stream tracer to the following vtu file.

output.vtu (129.4 KB)

But I don’t get any Streamlines. My question is, is it because of the data or am I doing something wrong?
The data is the blood from an aorta.

Thank you in advanced

The problem is that your data is not describe a continuous field in space. Rather, it is a point cloud that just defines values a discrete points in space. The stream tracer cannot trace streams because there is no information about the velocity between these points.

The stream tracer needs a connected mesh. The best solution would be for you to write out a file with polyhedrons (such as tetrahedra) connecting the point. ParaView can use these to interpolate values between the points.

If you cannot write out this information to the file, you can potentially generate this continuous volume with either the Delaunay 3D filter or the Point Volume Interpolator filter. Here are some related posts to this discourse:

BTW, you might want to check the correctness of the vectors in your file. The flow seems to be going laterally with respect to the artery rather than through it. Perhaps the order of the components got reversed?

It worked with the Delauney 3D filter.
Regarding the correctness of my vector field, I found the mistake. There was a mixup with the coordinates.

Thank you very much!