Difference between 2 Datasets

How can I get the difference about one component between two datasets ?
Let’s say one layer is 15°C and the other 10°C, I’d like to have a new layer with a field filled with -5°C.
Thanks, Frank

AppendAttributes + Calculator

You might need either Append Attributes or Resample with Dataset depending on the structure of your data. See, for example: Visualization of data using Paraview - #7 by Kenneth_Moreland

Hello and thanks for your answer,
I still have the same value on the “calculator”. Do I have a formula to write ?

Yes, write something like:

Temp0 - Temp1

After some research, I’ve done it using a ProgrammableFilter with the following :
Thanks @mwestphal and @Kenneth_Moreland, Frank.

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To do it in python you can also use the python calculator, with the one-liner
inputs[1].PointData["TMRT"] - inputs[0].PoindData["TMRT"]

Way more convenient, thank you @nicolas.vuaille !

Hi Nicolas,

I’m trying to calculate mean sqaured error (MSE) between two datasets. I have used resample with dataset to make the two vtu fils have same number of cells and same number of points.

Now, i use the python calculator, but get an error as shown on the screenshot
May I kindly ask how this should be resolved please?

Hi @zj519 ,

You have selected only one source in the pipeline for the Python Calculator input, so inputs[1] does not exist.