OPENGL not supported in WINDOWS 10 and Intel HD graphics card, GLEW could not be intialized missing GL version

I can’t open Paraview on a Windows 10 64 bit machine. I get the error:

GLEW could not be intialized missing GL version

By doing some research on google I have found that the latest Intel drivers for Windows 10 for Intel HD 3000 graphics adapters do not support OpenGl which seem totally necessary for ParaView. In this YouTube video and the associated GitHub channel a solution is provided:

It consists of installing the Windows 10 Deployment Kit ( and using the tool “Compatility Administrator” to patch the OpenGL DLLs of the affected program with the fix “Windows81RTMVersionLie”. But I do not know what are the related libraries in ParaView. I have tried with those with “GL” in their name but without success, and since there is a lot of DLLs and you can only select one by one I would appreciate if someone could point me to corrrect ones.

NOTE: There is also the option of installing Mesa drivers with MINGW but this did not work also.

Intel HD 3000 is not supported on windows 10.

I would recommend to either change your GPU or change to another OS that support your hardware. Ubuntu comes to mind.

To use mesa on windows, well you will need to be able to build mesa on windows and then build ParaView with this mesa. I do not recommend it.