Problem on viewing 3D velocity vector map in Paraview 5.7.0

Hi there,

My name is Bhakta raj Joshi and I am a new employee at Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.
My boss prepared a .vtk file from the results of Groundwater Vistas7 simulations (Seawat2000). The .vtk file contains vector data of flow velocity.

Using that file, I want to create a 3D map/diagram for the flow velocity vector in Paraview. After going through the Paraview manuals and/or a few Youtube videos, I did the following:

  1. Apply stream tracer filter to the vtk file
  2. Apply the tube filter to stream tracer
  3. Finally apply the glyph filter to the tube.

The diagram looks very weird (doesnot make any sense). Could anyone tell if I am missing something. I will attach my result in a ppt file along with this message. I will try to attach the .vtk file in a second message as it seems to too large to attach here together

Looking to see a solution.

Thanks in advance.

Paraview_problem.pptx (582.1 KB)

Hi there,

This is Bhakta again.
Could anyone go through this .vtk file as I talked in my previous message. I am still unable to attach here because of large size, but it can be downloaded from this link

Thank you again.

Hi Bhakta, and welcome to the ParaView community!

I did not open your data (I am on a slow, metered connection at the moment), but did see an error in your steps above. 1) Apply stream tracer is correct. 2) Apply tube filter is correct. 3) You don’t want to form glyphs from the surface of the tube, but rather the original stream tracer again. You want to know the direction the stream tracer is going, not the normals of the walls of the tube.

Note that this is exactly the scenario presented in the Help/ Sandia National Labs Tutorials/ Sources and Filters/ Stream Tracer.


Hi Alan,

Thanks for your reply.
I applied the glyph to stream tracer. The result looks still the same. I am sorry but, could you please send me a link for the one you mentioned: Help/ Sandia National Labs Tutorials/ Sources and Filters/ Stream Tracer.

Its strange but I cant find it for paraview.

Thanks again

There are two ways to get to this website.

  • Open ParaView. In the Help menu, open the Sandia National Labs Tutorials. Open Sources and Filters. Then, there is a header named Stream Tracer.
  • Go to the website. Resources menu. Tutorials. ParaView SNL Tutorials. Sources and Filters. Header Stream Tracer.

Looking at your powerpoint presentation it doesn’t make sense to me either.

What is your goal? What I believe you actually want is just the glyphs, attached to each point. So:

  • You have cell data. (Notice the Vel has a cube next to it, rather than a point). Run the Cell Data to Point Data filter.
  • Now, you should have a vector that you can glyph.
  • If the glyph filter does not have data you can glyph, it probably means you need to create a vector from the three components first. You use the calculator filter.

All of these component parts are explained, with examples, in the Sources and Filters tutorial listed above.

Hi Alan,

Thank you very much for the reply and suggestions. I changed the cell data to point data, applied the stream tracer and finally the glyph. My goal is to obtain the glyph as you mentioned. I was successful in obtaining the kind of result I was looking for. So I saved the result by file/save state and also made a few ppt images. Unfortunately, when I reopen the same by file/load state, the glyphs look different. I tried one more time following the same process, but I cant get the type of result I got in first trial (the result in attached ppt file). I want the result as in the attached ppt file, but unfortunately, I cant get it again. Could you please let me know what am I missing here. STRANGE ENOUGH.

Very sorry to trouble you.0403_final.pptx (2.3 MB)

Sorry, I will add the file to show the result I am getting now after repeating in paraview. The vtk was sent in earlier messages. paraview_0406_final.pvsm (465.0 KB)

Your vtk file is unvailable. Please use a file sharing website in english.

Can I send an e-mail and share the google drive from my G-mail account? Will you please let me know your email ID

I am sorry, but it still needs the email address, right? Could youplease let me know your e-mail ID?

No you don’t. You can share your file in wetransfer and copy the link here.

Thank you very much. Here is the link

There is a problem with the bounds declaration of your initial dataset.
To see the problem, you can just save it using ParaView and open it again.

It’s up to you to know which version is supposed to be the correct one.

I am sorry, but do you mean you could get the result like the one I sent in ppt file? The co-ordinates (point source) that are there in the paraview file are the correct ones. I have checked the initial bounds (the co-ordinates of the point source under seed type) many times

In the .ppt file (which only contain images that you could share here instead), you focus on the X and Y coordinates.

The Z coordinates is incorrect in your file.


I am sorry to trouble you again. I think I am having problems on drawing stream tracers (not clear on whether to use the point source or line source and the origin point precisely). Could you please suggest me on this. I will attach the details of the model and the expected flow velocity vectors in a ppt file. model_info.pptx (56.8 KB)

You input file has problems and that need to be fixed.

model_info.pptx (56.8 KB)

I am sorry, but do you mean the this ppt file or the other issue?

I mean in the vtk5-3.vtk file.

Also stop sharing ppt file, but share images here, thanks.