Render user data on an unstructured grid

Please help how to render external user data on an unstructured grid (i.e. using colored surfaces as usual represent deformation, stress, velocity etc.)

I imported the model into Paraview from another program, so I have an unstructured grid with cells and points data. Cells data (stress, strain) is rendered correctly. I also prepared external data in such a way that each cell corresponds to an external user value

From previous discussions it is clear how to transfer user data to the Pipeline Browser from Python Shell (Plotting data computed in python shell) or from CSV file (Supplementing cells data with an additional column with the user values)

But how do I render the data on my unstructured grid? I transferred the data to the Pipeline Browser, and applied filters TableToPoints --> Tetrahedralize --> PointDataToCellData. But after appending the attributes, the data continue rendering separately from the target model. The imported data looks like this (as I understand it, external data is attached to the cells created by the Tetrahedralize filter)